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About Us

About The Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts

About Us

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How Extraordinary Performing Arts Came to the Santa Cruz River Valley.

In 2005, Christina Wilhelm, pianist and founder-director of the Santa Cruz Singers and Tapestry Chamber Ensemble, envisioned the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts, SCFPA, to promote the performing arts on behalf of the Santa Cruz County, Arizona community. SCFPA is incorporated as a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Virginia Benderly, beloved Santa Cruz County friend, philanthropist and patron of the arts graciously supported SCFPA including providing initial seed money toward the creation of a performing arts venue. SCFPA honors Virginia Benderly's generosity and memory by naming its innovative salon experience the Benderly Concert Series and by giving her name to the concert hall.

The Santa Cruz Foundation for the performing Arts, is dedicated to presenting high quality live performances of popular and classical music in area homes and historic sites. Our long range goal: to have a state of the art recital hall in Santa Cruz County that will provide a permanent venue for future generations of concert goers has now become a reality with our new Opera House.

SCFPA Board of Directors:

Christina Wilhelm, President & Executive Director
Mike Massee, Vice President
Frederick Wilhelm Jr., Chief Financial Officer
Evan Kory, Secretary
Claudia Proto
Pat Watrous
Renate Kloppinger
Gerry Isaac
Martha Paz y Puente
In Memorium:
Virginia Benderly 1920-2009, Founding Member and Principal Benefactor
Jody Walker

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