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Community & Outreach

Community & Outreach

Community & Outreach: SCFPA, Patagonia, Arizona

Community & Outreach

Connect to your thriving performing arts scene.

The most powerful attraction of the performing arts is its appeal to the senses. When live audiences come together with live performers, energy ignites and anticipation builds. There's drama and excitement in the spontaneity of the moment. This is where the heart of the community lives.

Performing Arts Groups

SCFPA sponsors performing arts groups including Tapestry and Santa Cruz Singers. Tapestry is Santa Cruz County's unique chamber music ensemble that offers an opportunity for many talented musicians to perform and audiences to enjoy and enhance their understanding of classical works and contemporary themes. The Santa Cruz Singers present a diversified repertoire of quality choral performances. Both afford an educational forum to their members and performing arts exposure to the community at large.


The idea of a local chamber music group was formed when Christina Wilhelm, pianist and founder-director of the Santa Cruz Singers discovered a talented flutist, Anne Quirin, among it's chorus members. In 2004 the duo gave their first performance at an in home recital in Patagonia to benefit the Santa Cruz Singers. Encouraged by the audience's response and the success of the fund raiser, the duo expanded. And so, the realization of a chamber group of dedicated musicians to be a permanent musical resource for the area was ignited.

Tapestry is unique.....We are individual artists, classically trained and multi talented, who perform as soloists or together in both traditional and non-traditional ensembles.

We perform music for flute, harp, piano, voice, saxophone and clarinet as well as strings, brass and percussion.

Our repertoire is wide ranging and expansive including classical works and contemporary themes.

Santa Cruz Singers

The Santa Cruz Singers (SCS) presents high quality formal performances though out Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas.

Since 2002, under the direction of founder Christina Wilhelm, SCS has provided the community with an opportunity to create choral music in a supportive environment. The chorus is made up of about 25 men and women with a wide range of choral and musical experience.

The repertoire of the Singers is highly diversified.

If you like to sing, enjoy working as part of a team and are willing to commit to 4 months (Jan-April) of scheduled rehearsals, you may be eligible to join our wonderful band of troubadours. No formal training is required, but a willingness to learn is paramount. We supply you with all the music, tools and support you need to become a valued member.

For more information call Christina Wilhelm at: 617-645-4239 or email

Volunteer Opportunities

Help make the music happen!
Set up for performances
Locate venue sites where we can hold the performances
Distribute flyers, posters
Join the task force for media, publicity and PR
Spread the word by handing out brochures in your local area

Tapestry Music Ensemble

Santa Cruz Singers

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Festivals and Concerts for the Community

Community concerts and festival programs sponsored by SCFPA bring accomplished performers to the people of Santa Cruz County. These fun-filled musical happenings feature performers of local, regional and national reputation. Families and folks of all ages experience the joy of live music with appeal to a wide variety of tastes and interests. There's a unifying energy between performers and audience. It's a true celebration of community in the shared moment.