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Concert Haul®

Concert Haul®

SCFPA's Concert Haul

Concert Haul®

Imagine listening to the lilting sounds of a string quartet while strolling for cucumbers and kale at the Sonoita Farmer's Market.

Imagine walking out of Nogales Safeway to discover that a professionally-staged performance of famous, operatic arias was organized while you were shopping.

Imagine the ability to hear a free piano recital in the parking lot of Patagonia High School, just after the school bell rings.

The Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts (SCFPA) has gone beyond imagining these things. Our custom-made, professional stage on wheels allows us to prvoide classical music performances anywhere people gather.

THE SCFPA Concert Haul® will hit the road to provide high caliber concerts in Patagonia, Sonoita/Elgin, and across Southern Arizona.

  • At the Patagonia Town Park on a fall evening.
  • At a bustling Sierra Vista or Tucson mall on a Saturday afternoon.
  • At one of Sonoita/Elgin's wineries.

The Concert Haul® is a fresh & innovative new way to attend classical music performances in Southern Arizona, some free but always affordable.