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Dear Southern Arizona Music Lovers,

Because Arizona boasts a temperate climate for much of the year SCFPA is formulating a plan to move forward with future concerts outdoors when the risks for outdoor gatherings are minimal. This could be for the 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 season. We don’t know when but we do know where. The Foundation will utilize its courtyard area with the Concert Haul® stage as the venue for a scaled down concert season.

At present we are structuring a concert schedule which acknowledges our temporary limitations and also meets prudent CDC guidelines for the safety of gatherings of people.

The plan is to have two seasonally spaced series of performances in Patagonia at our usual 3 PM Sunday afternoon time,one beginning late fall to the end of the year, and another starting in late March to early June. We can seat 50-60 people placed at six foot intervals using the full courtyard space and depending on audience turnout there may be two performances of the same program on a given weekend. Wearing masks will be mandatory for these events. Those arriving without masks will have them provided at the entrance, and movement through the seated area will be mapped for orderly entry and exit. All precautions for maintaining social distance and safety will be required and observed.

SCFPA Office

Many of our local musicians are eager to resume concertizing in Patagonia. As physical distancing for the audience members is critical, so is space on the Concert Haul® stage limited to three performers for safety concerns. Some performers hoping to participate at this point include a piano trio with Evan Kory, Emily Chao violin and Juan David Mejia cello, duo Martin Marquez and Danny Brito, possible Tucson Symphony artists and UA School of Music ensembles to name a few.

Please stay tuned: check our Constant Contact emails, web site and facebook page for more specific information as it develops, including the naming of performers and programs, times and ticket prices. And stay tuned to our local radio station in Patagonia KPUP 100.5 FM. KPUP will be presenting a new classical hour each Sunday at 5pm. Listen in! In the fall we will be back on the air with information about the outdoor concert format, featuring music by scheduled performers, pre-concert talks and recorded messages from the performers about their careers and musical choices.

As always, thank you for your continued support and love of music, and we hope to see you at a live concert very soon! - Board of Directors, Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts.

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